Rush Fee


Our standard turnaround time is “UP TO 2 weeks”, this could be anything from 1 day up to 14 days depending on how busy we are but we understand there are some occasions you need your item sooner. Say for example you forgot that Father’s Day is coming up and it’s now less than a week away so you need to make sure you get your order in time for the big day, that’s where this rush fee comes in. We can make your item quicker for you on those occasions where you have limited time – please contact our facebook page here with the product you are needing BEFORE purchasing this as there are some products we cannot rush due to stock levels – this will guarantee your order arrives in less than a week (please specify if there is a certain date you need it by so we can confirm it is possible).

This fee is PER ITEM. (excluding sets – e.g. our Christening Set which includes a bib and a shawl, this would only need 1 rush fee as it is 1 set. If you needed to order a backpack and a t-shirt in time for a birthday that would count as 2 rush fees, 1 per item.

We hope you understand why this has been added, we get a lot of requests for last minute orders which is totally understandable (I’m always forgetting birthdays myself so I totally understand), but it’s getting to the point where we are working right through the night to try and keep people happy. This will mean that we are being paid a correct wage for the extra time we would be spending working. Thank you