We can personalise any of our listings with ‘personalised’ in the title, to say just about anything! Size always has to be considered though – for example if you are asking us to embroider a lot of detail on to something small like a comforter you must understand the writing will end up tiny, so sometimes less is more.

We are more than happy to hear any ideas about personalising an item if the idea is not already an option, so please feel free to send us a message about your idea and we can mock up a design then upload the option for you to buy it, We love seeing your ideas come to life!

If something is not available in a certain size, it may be because it is not popular enough for us to stock but is available for us to get, so if you see something you like but need a different size/colour etc please message us and we can arrange a pre-order for certain items that we are able to get hold of for you.